Code, movie dialogues, field recordings, sounds found on the web and samples/pieces made with web-instruments.

"Of course, Hannah did become a monster," I said to Warren Niesluchowski. [...]

Warren chuckled. "Yes, she did. But of the wrong kind. Not a monster on the order of Picasso, or ―"
(and here he named several other famous males.)" The problem was, she started taking everything so
personally. She refused to take a leap of faith. Her work was no longer art."[...]

Female monsters take things as personally as they really are. They study facts. Even if rejection makes
them feel like the girl who's not invited to the party, they have to understand the reasons why.
... Every question, once it's formulated, is a paradigm, contains its own internal truth. We have to stop
diverting ourselves with false questions. And I told Warren: I aim to be a female monster too.

― Chris Kraus, I Love Dick